Private Duty Home care Visit In Osprey


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Private Duty Home Care Visit In Osprey

​​​​Seniors Concierge Of  Florida

 Who We Are

We believe that concierge services requires experience, dedication and attention to detail...
We  possess all these qualities and hold ourselves to the highest standards.
Concierge Service provided to Osprey Florida, Sarasota FL, Longboat Key FL, Siesta Key FL, Osprey FL, Venice FL.
We also provide nationwide and international VIP travel concierge.!!

Seniors Concierge Of Florida LLC

I worked in the Restaurant, Retail and Banking Industry,  then moved on to own and managed a Gift Shop, after closing the Gift Shop, began working at a Rehab Facility, then a  Skill Nursing Facility...working at a Skill Nursing Facility was great, however there was something missing...

WHAT WAS MISSING?  The quality time I wanted to spend caring for the Senior Residents  at the Skill Nursing Facility where I worked...working at the Skill Nursing Facility was very fast paste  (great), spending quality time caring for the  Senior Residents not great. I soon found out there was no extra time to chitchat, listen to stories of younger years or look at photos of family with the Senior Residents I cared for.

Driving home from work one evening, I was a bit frustrated  not been able to spend quality time caring  for the Senior Residents at the Skill Nursing Facility where I worked, It was frustrating always rushing to the next Resident. It was not what I envisioned...there had to be a better way to spend quality time caring for Seniors, assisting with Non Medical Activities of daily living and not having to rush... That’s when I decide it was time to start a New Business...This  was the start of, Seniors Concierge Of Florida LLC... A Homemaker, Companion,

à la carte, concierge business.

Our Mission

We Aim To Offer  A Completely Non Medical 
                     À La Carte Concierge Service To Our Clients!! 

​Our Services Include

Seniors Concierge Of Florida Home Care Visit 

         Seniors Concierge Of Florida  private duty home care
Private Duty Home Care Visit In Osprey
​Seniors Concierge of Florida Notary Service In Osprey... Home care visit in Osprey

Private Duty, Home Care Visit OspreySeniors Concierge Of Florida, allows you or your loved one to continue to enjoy independence and the comfort of home, ♥ with just the right amount of support from a dedicated concierge